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Specialists in Fitted Wool Carpet


Wool carpet will provide superior performance over many years as it can offer a long lasting durability. The natural crimp of wool offers valuable bounce back so that pile compression is resisted and the effects of tracking and shading are reduced, maintaing a good appearance over many years. Some of our wool carpet ranges. 

We have over 3000 options covering a wide range of styles from luxury velvet plains through traditional and contemporary twists and naturals. Many ranges offer matching borders, runners and complementary options to add a professional touch to an installation. Discerning homeowners agree that  R H Carpets is synonymous with beauty, luxury and quality.

The familiar comfort of wool makes for a welcoming feel throughout the home. Rich and luxurious, wool has a soft, cushioned texture that can be woven into an extensive range of attractive designs to suit any interior. Wool floor coverings can consist entirely of wool but combinations with other natural fibres produce beautiful textural contrasts and more distinctive weaves.

A range of floor-coverings that is extraordinary in its naturalness, in the simplicity of its manufacturing methods and in its ability to make a simple, stylish statement in your home - no matter what sort of furnishing it is combined with.


Using a natural selection of plant fibres such as Sisal, Coir, Jute, Seagrass, Wool - even Paper, allow the unique characteristics of each material to be fully expressed. As with any hand-crafted product, small irregularities in the weave and slight colour variations are the mark of its appeal.

Thoughtfully chosen and used properly, these natural floor-coverings will serve you just as well and in some circumstances, better than the traditional mass-produced approach. There is also an exciting selection of custom-made rugs to complement the floor-coverings perfectly.

Some of our suppliers,Crucial Trading  Kersaint Cobb  Alternative Flooring  Roger Oates  Louis De Poortere  Vorwork Carpets Jacaranda Carpets ,To view more of our fitted wool carpets, visit our gallery.